Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Accident (Text Version)

In the event of a serious auto accident, many victims are unsure of the steps that they should be taking in order to ensure their rights are protected. At Injury Legal Center, P.C. we understand how devastating these experiences can be and want to make sure you have the the knowledge and know-how to not jeopardize your right to compensation.


Step 1 – Move to Safety

If no one has been seriously injured or killed, and the vehicles are movable, get them out of the way so no one else gets hurt. Make sure to stay out of traffic’s way, use flares if you have them as well as your hazard lights.

Step 2 – Call Law Enforcement

An important step is to get an accident report. Police will come to the scene and gather important information pertaining to the accident, which can be valuable when claiming damages and compensation.

Step 3 – Do Not Admit Fault

When exchanging information or talking to the police, do not take responsibility for the accident. Things you say may be used against you if there is a litigation. It could always turn out that the accident was not your fault.

Step 4 – Exchange Information

Make sure to get the contact information of all those involved in the accident, and their insurance information. Take note of everything said by witnesses, as they could prove to be important pieces of evidence.

Step 5 – Gather Evidence

Taking pictures and documenting the accident is a highly important thing to do. Take an ample amount of pictures of the damage done to all vehicles involved, as they could be used in your favor later on.

Step 6 – Seek Medical Attention

After an auto collision, you should seek medical attention immediately. Some injuries may not become apparent right away, and a doctor will be able to report and diagnose any medical conditions.

Step 7 – Contact Injury Legal Center, P.C.

If you have been involved in a serious motor vehicle collision in California? Injury Legal Center, P.C. is available to help manage the aftermath. Although following the steps above are important, getting a hold of one of our expert staff members is equally, if not more important. Do not let this traumatic experience get any worse, and give us a call today for a free consultation! 


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